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From jamming out to New Edition’s classic Candy Girl in the shower to focusing on homework with the help of Lo-fi beats, music plays a huge role in my life. I have playlists consisting of various genres for every occasion: long car drives, basketball workouts, celebrations, chores, relaxation, and more. As a daily user of the popular music listening application Spotify, I’ve experienced the song recommendations it gives to users. Every day, Spotify curates several playlists tailored to each…

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The Footwear industry consists of companies engaged in the manufacturing of footwear such as dress shoes, slippers, boots, galoshes, sandals and athletic and trade related footwear; however, the most lucrative sector of this industry is collectible sneakers. The rise of marketplace apps like StockX and GOAT, alongside the proliferation of social media sites where you’re just one message away from turning a rare pair of trainers into cash, mean that more people are selling their shoes than ever before. The global sneaker resale market has been valued at over $2 billion, while the right pair of kicks can go for…

Logan Norman

I’m a Denver Nuggets enthusiast, avid skier, and tech nerd trying to make changes in my community.

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